All Is Well, All Will Be Well

Things don’t naturally drop off the shoulders when the earth does a full orbit round the sun, so it’s a little difficult for this new-year-new-me shit. All I had is a couple of weeks to look back and check my personal harvests.

All is well in the end. 

I learned to not be plagued by regrets. It could be that I am numb to them, or simply learned to take a different outlook on life matters. Looking back the whole year, there aren’t much things I deeply wished I could have done differently. There are lessons learned the hard way, but I won’t have it any other way either. Such as how teamwork has to be established through clarifying personal priorities, or identifying work that can be cleared right off as soon as possible. Most importantly, I also realized that there is work that is simply not meant to be done alone.

I am also already learning to live outside the comforts of home and how to make home everywhere I go.

Cultivated reading habits even in a busy routine. I cleared off 6 books last year, maybe 20 for this one?

I still haven’t decided on my specialty or grad school pathway, but through the difficult subjects I went through I am more sure than ever this is the most suitable major for myself, with little doubts about careers.

Then, I saw real snow for the first time in my life. Will write about my 1 week trip to Korea soon! 

I also learned to be grateful for the little luxuries that my family can afford, new smartphone, new laptop, a decent room to rent in, quality Internet connection, pocket money to afford increasingly frequent outings…

Oh, and tons of tiny but invaluable skills. Conversational, statistical interpretation, business writing, design thinking, vastly improved time management, habit awareness, and a new outlook on politics.


As much as I grow tired of fending off the negatives that plague my life, when I looked back I am actually happier than ever and hungrier for more to learn.

All the baggage that I have been carrying had always been meant to be picked up by those who want the most.

All will be well. 



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