Blog Changes

I am at the most stressful phase of my semester right now, kinda at a loss on how to do anything at all.

Anyway, I took a look at the blog’s layout and I am like: omai, this needs some major revamp. So at the moment I am drafting a better map of my posts’s category and redefining and simplifying them. Basically, expect to find the categories and posts more purposeful and simpler to understand over the next few weeks. I no longer have this obsession with flowery tags and categories, and blindly adding everything I come across for the sake of doing it. I am also considering a theme with a sidebar, but I think that will need to wait until semester break and stuff.

I actually thought I had an ideal blog layout when I finished this few years back, but looking back now I was baffled at how sure I was. This applies for everything I am going through so well.

Indeed, how could I have been so certain? 


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