Gratitude – March 2017

This is my first shot at gratitude journaling. I intend to make one of these at the end of every month. 

This is one harsh March, where the spotlight shines the rough and the ugly. Things worth harvesting are scarce in the winter, but yet if I don’t learn to harvest the cold will never seem to end. 

1. Deadline extensions for a comparative psychology assignment.

Seriously, I wouldn’t know if I will ever survive the work without the precious five day extension. That was the most timely extension I was ever given in my three years in university.

2. Psi Chi for organizing the Know Doubt Retreat 2.0.

This is probably my last ‘school excursion’ in my life, or the last trip that will have that warm feeling of an ‘excursion’. Same old place as last year’s with different company, and fresher, less censored sharings. Will forever remember learning Cards Against Humanity and having amazing games while being slightly tipsy.

3. Self Authoring Suite.

It was on discount, and I was going through a painful experience that really required me to know myself better in ways that unsystematic blogging falls short off. Currently using it and it feels really promising.    

4. Bits of social support from…everywhere.

One emotion I feel the most this month is this chronic sense of loneliness, where time seems to not flow and light seems to not shine. Sometimes I can feel the very atropy of the universe, with this veil of nihilism that obscures my vision for the future. It is as if the world surounding me no longer mattered. But it is also thanks to this I have been more conscious of the presence of the people surrounding me and keeping me grounded on reality. The grades on my transcript seem to matter much less compared to company that light the world up.

5. Kafka on The Shore.

Books don’t really serve as as escape from reality. But they really stop my mind from scratching itself raw. Kafka on The Shore has been a good company while I recover from cornea damage.

6. Dr Anasuya’s ‘Last Lecture’

‘Break the lenses of others that were imposed on you’ and ‘Be enough’ was the two advice I needed the most at this time. Normally I would most certainly dismiss this as cliche feel-goodery, but right now my life needed them the most.


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