Another (Hopefully) Fabulous Final Exam Season

I checked and reflected on my last post, and I just realized I went from being extremely busy to….

….somewhat freer? Alerts

Typically finals exams are the busiest season of the semester, but I seem to be more liberated. Schedule still looks shit, but somehow they looked manageable. Perhaps I have gathered enough new discipline over this time to cope. I have been making good breakfast daily, studying few chapters of coursework per day (should have done this earlier), working out every morning, making a point to finish books. 

I seem to be achieving goals that are more rooted in reality that is helping me grow.

So what is the secret? (if any)

Actually I have been using this app called Fabulous. It works as a personal digital coach that helps one to build habits and routines, based on psychology and neuroscience research. Over this few weeks I actually managed to have a consistent morning routine, ranging from breakfast, water, and exercise, which sets a good vibe for the rest of the day. Over time I am handling my priorities better and wasting less time on YouTube cat videos, and have more time to do the things I actually want. It recommends simple and implementable routines, and encourages one to finish them habitually.

So yeah, I do feel better than ever as a student. I still have daunting tasks ahead: my thesis design needs refinement, and I have dozens of chapters to catch up. But I signed up for all of this, and I am ready to see this through.

Upcoming post will be commentary on university subjects that I studied before, from foundations to psychology degree. 


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