Gratitude – April 2017

1. Fried chicken

Especially the good ones. Admittedly it could have been the ridiculous flux of ads from various fast food chains, ranging from the nicely spiced KFC ones, fresh and tender McDonald’s ones, and the satisfying af Texas ones. Sometimes I get pleasantly surprised with good mamak fried chicken too. It was never regular food for me, but it was this month I really felt comforted by every serving. To all the poultry that sacrificed their lives for my comfort and satiation, thank you. Same goes to the chefs perfecting their craft of frying chicken, you da MVP.  

2. RDCM on the last day of the week

Oh yes. My RDCM (research design confirmation meeting, it is for my thesis) wasn’t perfect, but I had ample time to do it as it was on the last day. Some friends had it overlapping with other work, but I had the luxury of a good three days to prepare adequately. It is not graded, but I was pleasantly surprised and grateful for the arrangement nonetheless.

3. Eye Recovery

My cornea abrasion has made a full recovery. Now I can finally go on with my life without relying on bandage lenses. Doctor warned me about the permanent increase in proneness to damage, but that can be kept under control with habitually lubricating the eye.

4. Study Mates

I am the type that benefits quite a lot from group study. The reassurance that everyone can be on the same page, helping each other out with simplifying concepts, and the occasional sidetrack to wind down.

5. Reasonable Final Exams

Well I had two big papers on the same day, but they were manageable. Enough to feel assured that I won’t have to redo them, and I have a feeling that I even did better than I expected. Don’t want to set myself up for disappointment, but I have no reason not to feel good about them for now.


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