A Certain Anticipated Return

Welp I barely had three weeks of break. It is as if the days of casual reading, motivational videos, and movie-going was just yesterday, then in a blink of an eye, I am in my second week of the new term, enrolled in a subject (still in a state of post decision dissonance…but I can participate in the other classes I want without baggage), and on my first sentence of my literature review for my….*inhales* *exhales* thesis…



This could only mean that more suffering is to come.

In all honestly, I actually did not relax fully throughout the break. I spent a good week or so on reading journal articles and finding a suitable lead and gap. The process of jumping from area to area, coupled with my impatience (I somehow had the idea that I was far behind my peers), burned me out. My last area was ironically work burnout. Things turned better when I took a good 12 hour sleep, woke up and discovered a gap that was staring at me right in the eye since the beginning of my research. Only then I began my long due sabbatical of writing, reading, and short traveling.

Now I am back, not quite kicking, but whacking away at the keyboard in the hopes that some sense begin to form on the document.

Can’t honestly say I looked forward to this, but this had to come someday, and better sooner than later I guess. So yeah, back from casual reading and gaming to textbooks, academic articles, and statistics. The cycle starts again.


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