Gratitude – May 2017

1. Rediscovering Megaman

While interest in some games persisted till now, some bits of them were lost until some old OST resurfaced on my YouTube feed. How could I have forgotten Megaman? I religiously followed every available article and database on every series and reading up fighting patterns. Played a couple of these on emulators, and suddenly they just faded out of relevance. This series is the reason why I love platformer games and cyborg sci-fi so much. Being reminded feels like some old flame has been reignited: Zero, ZX, Battle Network, Star Force… gameplay, music, and themes from these titles take on a renewed and pleasantly familiar taste when re-visited as an adult.

2. Rediscovering Sinology

May was a month full of re-discoveries. Sinology was one major one. Essentially its just ‘Chinese studies’ which covers everything from history, geography, politics, philosophy, culture, literature, mythology, and linguistics. Basically everything in humanities focusing on China. Forgot their relevance to my life after transitioning into college (also after my father returned from his career there) and thought them outdated and irrelevant. My delving into Sinology during late childhood and early adolescence was the first time I actually cultivated a genuine academic interest, in which I can fully lose myself in the process of studying without worrying about careers. Good times.

3. Revisiting High School

Five years back into a five year memory lane. Check out this post for details, but I am definitely glad for revisiting.

4. Mark Manson

The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck may not necessarily be the best book in existence, but it is very likely the most important one now. Reading this masterpiece was like having a long hard conversation with a sage that have followed my life experiences and thoughts. Another book was Models, which I was glad to have read many years back as it changed my perspective on modern masculinity and the value of honesty.

5. My Kindle Paperwhite

One of my best purchases ever. Got it cheap from Carousell, and within days it has grown to one of my most inseparable device (over my earplugs and mechanical keyboard). Was skeptical of its relevance and usability, now I never touch a ebook on LCD screens again, and have finished the above book within less than a week. Reading will never be the same again for me.


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