Gratitude – June 2017

As usual, I try to find things to be grateful about even in this stormy climate.

1. Thesis Support Groups.

That includes my long time mentor Khal, other fellow Dr. Eugene supervisees, along with countless other friends where we basically sat down and share our perils and meals. This emotional support has been vital for me to retain my sanity throughout this short semester having my thesis proposal graded.

2.  Miss Evone for talking with me about my study few minutes right before my defense.

It’s a simple trivial act of kindness, but I am not so sure if my defense will go that smoothly without that 3 minute practice.

3.  The researchers that replied my requests for permissions

Another thesis related gratitude entry….but these are people whom I have never met in my life, big shots scientists on creativity from Harvard and The Maria Grzegorzewska University who replied desperate emails from trivial undergraduates that may never amount to anything to their CV almost immediately.

4. Jane McGonigal’s book: Reality is Broken

This book speaks particularly to my interests spanning from psychology, evolution, and games. I never thought my interests can be so elegantly laid out in a single book.

5. Dr Cameron and the cognitive lab

It has been two years. When I first joined up for her lab I was a wee freshman, and she was one of the first person that gave me insider information about academia. I am really grateful for the hours we had meeting up and discussing interesting research ideas that involved technology, along with career and graduate school related insights. Despite not amounting to much, these years spent in touch with lab related activities did give me something to care about aside from my graded studies. It is a little melancholic to think about how those days were over, but I wish her all the best in her future endeavors.


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