Keeping Sharp

Currently on study break, taking some time off to contemplate some mundane things. Aside from travelling to a couple of new places and catching up with people, pretty much nothing goes on.

After a rather confusing and busy semester, this is actually one of the biggest breaks I ever had since university began for me. This gave me some time to ponder about what the newly rebranded campus newsletter can achieve and give to the community. I also had time to read, play a bit, explore some online courses (halfway through a neuromarketing class), and did I mention read? I actually managed to finish Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind. In terms of reading, this year is probably my best year by far. All thanks to owning a Kindle Paperwhite. 

This sudden sense of lightness could have been due to the decision to extend my semester at university. It feels weird thinking that everything could have ended by this month, but I really appreciated the time I have to be exposed to so many opportunities to work on a variety of projects on campus. In the near future I will dedicate a post to talk about the decision to extend and its outcome, but overall I am quite happy about this.

Final papers on Wednesday. I have actually managed to finish the slides, but everything feels deceptively simple. Bad feeling about this, but what do I do? Just stay as usual, and keep sharp.


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