Gratitude – A Slice of August’s Winds

Instead of my normal gratitude journaling, I am going to dedicate this to a bunch of people that I will most certainly be missing for the remainder of the year. 

More than three years ago, I found myself repeating my Statistics finals. This second round had been ridiculously easy: I spent the whole term gaming and ruminating about how this retake had been the biggest waste of my time. Having built my newfound identity around doing well in university coursework, naturally I didn’t take this well. I became much grumpier, more self-pity, and closed off from others. Instead of starting my psychology degree in May as planned, I only managed to start in August 2014. In retrospect, that was one of the best things that ever occurred to me although I didn’t appreciate redoing a paper.

I found myself in a cohort which I was more than proud to count myself part off.

Different personalities, upbringings, values, and talents, somehow finding ourselves boarding the same train and sharing the same experiences. I found myself on both ends of teaching, leading, helping, and being present. Of all the intakes I have seen at university so far, we probably pushed the standard of ‘how tightly knit an intake can be’ to unprecedented heights. What an astounding tale to recall as the journey slows down and passengers begin to depart.

Three years is both a lengthy LRT trip, and a breezy lucid dream. The pleasure of being able learn, fight, and grow side-by-side with you all is mine.

I will be staying to feel the breeze of August a little bit more. Until then.

I am ready to be astounded again by the stories we have to tell the next time.



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