Last Semester Break

I haven’t wrote about semester break, almost felt this is not worth mentioning. I m back at my home, working on random projects, playing Dynasty Warriors 8: Xtreme Legends, trying out some MapleStory private servers, newsletter, more Coursera, and reading…a lot.…actually it is mostly just one really long novel by the name of Ze Tian Ji (The Way of Choices). On my Kindle, 200 pageflips is only 1% progress of the whole book, I am at 70% today. Ideally, I should finish it in three days or so.

Anyways, that aside, I actually have been doing a lot of digging on companies and universities. It is a little difficult to digest this, but this is quite possibly my last semester break or school holiday of my life (ok not really, I would really want to pursue a Masters and even a PhD but that null hypotheses has yet to be rejected). This is actually oddly hilarious to ponder.

Many of my peers are graduating already, and I have like five more months to start worrying about post undergraduate decisions. Visited education fairs for New Zealand, visited online websites of various universities (from Otago, Leiden, University of Malaya, Nottingham, and UCL), looked up multiple job openings for fresh graduates in industries of user experience, sustainability management, management consultancy, and mental health.

All in all, looking up everything is really overwhelming. I haven’t really found an industry or a research area I am really interested in. This is kinda greedy of me but I realized that after all this years in university I really like to be in academia, but also have a corporate/industry career at the same time. So much costly options: consumer psychology, cyberpsychology, I/O psychology, engineering psychology, coaching, health psychology, clinical psychology etc. I am actually really interested in all of these areas and they seem to be decently marketable, making it difficult for me to narrow down on programs and industries.     

This is what happens when you are stuck away from regular life for a whole month.

I may have been trying to visualize and sort out my life for the coming 10 years in this few months and nothing is really working out.

Need patience back. Use time to build habits. Build character.

And collect data.


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