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I am Atlas JY. Not because the world weights upon me, but because I realized that we are the sole bearers of the weights of our experiences. 

At the same time these pieces and bits of life experiences always have patterns that underlie them which often resonates between lives. So yeah, I write, document, and share my experiences here so that they survive the limitations of my body. Overall this is just A Certain Astral Project;ion.


I have been studying since five, but I lost the joy and meaning in studying until I was seventeen, and found it back when I turned eighteen. From that point onwards, the identity of being a student is no longer an incomplete form of being human, but rather an everlasting process of growth and change. So yeah, I talk about my life as a student here, formerly pure sciences in school, psychology in university. I wonder what will come next? I may publish some study skills material if I ever cared to.


If all I have is a hammer, everything starts to look like a nail. Psychology isn’t really a hammer for me yet, but it has shown to be one of the best lenses for me to understand this world. Every human incident and event I find out, every book and article about human beings I read, all of them seem inseparable from psychology. I have no idea how far I can bring this to, but my identity as a student of psychology will permeate through my thinking and writing, regardless of topic (from popular science to games). I simply couldn’t think how I will be thinking otherwise.


I don’t think saying I play games make me even more interesting nowadays, but I not only just play but I study games extensively. I love finding out what make games work and exciting, what make games marketable, and what can we learn from games. I honestly rarely properly game nowadays, but I occasionally log back into RuneScape, emulate some Pokemon games, log into some MapleStory private servers, and go for a couple of matches on Dota 2. I also study and follow the development of Dota 2 strategies extensively, if I feel up to it I may put up or link some guides to Dota 2, although personally it is discouraging to see guides being irrelevant so quickly nowadays. 

Reading and Learning

I don’t think I actually read extensively, but I try to cultivate a habit of reading when I am not occupied with work. One of my biggest worries in life is not being able to finish reading the collection of books and ebooks I currently have. My reading interests includes psychology (from self-help, neuroscience, social issues, to heuristic and biases), popular science (with a focus on futurism), occasionally philosophy, and some fiction. Sometimes, I may even try to discuss Chinese novels in English (I am a competent enough Chinese-English bilingual for that). Similarly, I watch talks from TED and other channels like Extra Credits, Crash Course, and Extra Credits frequently. You may find summaries and reviews of them here.

Meaning and Good, Without God

I am (or at least I try to be) an unabashed atheist. I am for humanism and secularism, and often try to find out how to help others cope without religion. Nowadays I have mellowed and is less militant against religiosity in general, but I imagine myself being able to write and share about how we have outgrown the need for religion due to the damage it is causing outweighing any benefits it brings.

Manga, Anime

I am not really a huge buff and don’t have the habit of following them religiously, but I appreciate their value. For me they have always been a good source of ideas and emotions.


Again, not a great follower, but enough to qualify as a tech geek (I tried pushing this further by studying programming at pre-university, but decided to not finish it). I love keeping up with companies like Google and Tesla. I like technology that is cutting edge and discussing their implications on society, although I haven’t felt confident enough to write about them. More regularly I just discuss things that I have owned, used to own, and things I am contemplating getting (my inner consumerist is surfacing but oh well…). I also discuss some apps and websites in the same manner, but usually they are just my own personal take on things.


I don’t really like the word mostly due to being a under-performing student in high school. But I am passionate about quality education and believe that it is the ultimate key for a lot of contemporary human issues. I think a lot about my experiences getting education and may end up writing a lot about it, along with education management, sometime.

Quotes and Humor

I used to have a collection of favorite quotes when I was younger. I now habitually use some freeware and drop notable quotes into some art template, fiddle with the options and then just publish them. I also try to upload some memorable jokes or funny events that I come across. In this world, humor is my biggest reason to continue doing what I do.


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