High Notes #1

My life as a psychology student started with a biopsychology quiz, it is fitting that it ended with a neuropsychology finals. Later rounded up fully with a thesis viva. It seems that my student days have really came to an end, and I am glad that it is on a high note. Have been a... Continue Reading →


A Certain Post Thesis Reflection

This piece is kinda long overdue but whatever. I have cleared almost every component required for me to graduate from my Bachelors of Psychology program, only a final paper (neuropsychology 😦 ) stands in my way. I have finished modules ranging from neurobiology and statistics, to animal behaviour and counseling. Been in a variety of... Continue Reading →

[Gratitude – September 2017]

Well, I knew something didn't felt right this month. I somehow forgot to abandon the habit of blogging. But the habit of acknowledging things with appreciation should not go, so here is another round.  The team at The Psychronicle. The past month working to produce content through interviews and call-for-submissions has been very fulfilling. We... Continue Reading →

Magikarp Jump Review

Haha, what the fuck was I thinking. This is one of those games that got me very philosophical about what it means to be a game. I am only writing about this because it actually had an end game (which I managed to reach like two days ago). If I were to sum up the... Continue Reading →

Gratitude – August 2017

The Long Semester Break  I had a relatively long break, probably the longest as far as I can remember, which let me have plenty of time to sit back and think about the bigger picture. I managed to get a lot of things done including research on other universities for graduate school, scholarship opportunities, and... Continue Reading →

Last Semester Break

I haven't wrote about semester break, almost felt this is not worth mentioning. I m back at my home, working on random projects, playing Dynasty Warriors 8: Xtreme Legends, trying out some MapleStory private servers, newsletter, more Coursera, and reading...a lot....actually it is mostly just one really long novel by the name of Ze Tian... Continue Reading →

Gratitude – A Slice of August’s Winds

Instead of my normal gratitude journaling, I am going to dedicate this to a bunch of people that I will most certainly be missing for the remainder of the year.  More than three years ago, I found myself repeating my Statistics finals. This second round had been ridiculously easy: I spent the whole term gaming... Continue Reading →

Keeping Sharp

Currently on study break, taking some time off to contemplate some mundane things. Aside from travelling to a couple of new places and catching up with people, pretty much nothing goes on. After a rather confusing and busy semester, this is actually one of the biggest breaks I ever had since university began for me.... Continue Reading →

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