Last Semester Break

I haven't wrote about semester break, almost felt this is not worth mentioning. I m back at my home, working on random projects, playing Dynasty Warriors 8: Xtreme Legends, trying out some MapleStory private servers, newsletter, more Coursera, and reading...a lot....actually it is mostly just one really long novel by the name of Ze Tian... Continue Reading →


Keeping Sharp

Currently on study break, taking some time off to contemplate some mundane things. Aside from travelling to a couple of new places and catching up with people, pretty much nothing goes on. After a rather confusing and busy semester, this is actually one of the biggest breaks I ever had since university began for me.... Continue Reading →

A Stroke of Disillusion

Actually it has been a surprising long while since I last blogged about university life, almost like a month's hiatus. I had a major milestone every week: decide research design, proposal draft, shoot video, full proposal, and oral defence.  As I walked out of my defence, everything seemed...over. I wrapped up the bulk of my... Continue Reading →

A Certain Anticipated Return

Welp I barely had three weeks of break. It is as if the days of casual reading, motivational videos, and movie-going was just yesterday, then in a blink of an eye, I am in my second week of the new term, enrolled in a subject (still in a state of post decision dissonance...but I can... Continue Reading →

Things I Learned Preparing to Write My Thesis

Don't be ambitious, be purposeful. Ambition is empty and it crumbles when challenged, when its not fueled with substance and purpose. Purpose is what is left after the initial inspiration has faded, and is founded on reality. I am struggling with my preparations now because I prepared to venture into too many topics that I... Continue Reading →

Class Wrap-up: Year 3 Semester 2

Overall this semester honestly isn't the toughest I had. There is an obvious dip in hectic-ness compared to my previous one (wrap-up discussion coming up next!), however the stress level seemed to be about the same. Overall for all my classes there is this feeling of ambiguity that is really stopping things from being smooth-sailing. ... Continue Reading →


​Losses and gains; crime and kindness; happiness and sadness; likes and dislikes. Human relations that interweave and make up the complicated society we know are just cumulations of these polarities. I was trapped within these nets, and as I struggled I lost some things that made up my core. I was much too willing to... Continue Reading →

I Just Want to Alert the Press

....that I have somehow finished an assignment three weeks ahead of the due date and I feel like a better human being 🙂 Took me three years of higher education to achieve this resolution. I can't wait to enter the workplace.  Ironically the paper is about the workplace.  Also, featured is a picture of my... Continue Reading →

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