High Notes #1

My life as a psychology student started with a biopsychology quiz, it is fitting that it ended with a neuropsychology finals. Later rounded up fully with a thesis viva. It seems that my student days have really came to an end, and I am glad that it is on a high note. Have been a... Continue Reading →


Gratitude – August 2017

The Long Semester Break  I had a relatively long break, probably the longest as far as I can remember, which let me have plenty of time to sit back and think about the bigger picture. I managed to get a lot of things done including research on other universities for graduate school, scholarship opportunities, and... Continue Reading →

Gratitude – June 2017

As usual, I try to find things to be grateful about even in this stormy climate. 1. Thesis Support Groups. That includes my long time mentor Khal, other fellow Dr. Eugene supervisees, along with countless other friends where we basically sat down and share our perils and meals. This emotional support has been vital for... Continue Reading →

Gratitude – May 2017

1. Rediscovering Megaman While interest in some games persisted till now, some bits of them were lost until some old OST resurfaced on my YouTube feed. How could I have forgotten Megaman? I religiously followed every available article and database on every series and reading up fighting patterns. Played a couple of these on emulators,... Continue Reading →

Gratitude – April 2017

1. Fried chicken Especially the good ones. Admittedly it could have been the ridiculous flux of ads from various fast food chains, ranging from the nicely spiced KFC ones, fresh and tender McDonald's ones, and the satisfying af Texas ones. Sometimes I get pleasantly surprised with good mamak fried chicken too. It was never regular food... Continue Reading →

Gratitude – March 2017

This is my first shot at gratitude journaling. I intend to make one of these at the end of every month.  This is one harsh March, where the spotlight shines the rough and the ugly. Things worth harvesting are scarce in the winter, but yet if I don't learn to harvest the cold will never... Continue Reading →

I Just Want to Alert the Press

....that I have somehow finished an assignment three weeks ahead of the due date and I feel like a better human being 🙂 Took me three years of higher education to achieve this resolution. I can't wait to enter the workplace.  Ironically the paper is about the workplace.  Also, featured is a picture of my... Continue Reading →

Morning Notes #3

I cut down on the expected posting rates of the Morning Notes series as I believe these tweet-like posts with no central messages might be very distracting and boring to most readers.  Today I expected to be able to help out at my university's orientation, but apparently there are some mistakes and eventually I wasn't... Continue Reading →

Morning Notes #2

Once again, I am not sure what is there to look forward today. There is this Starbucks buy-1-free-1 promotion thing going on, where I can simply call a friend out for. Anyways, it is getting difficult to enjoy simple luxuries without having enough money to make sure you can survive through the day. I wonder... Continue Reading →

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