Sentiments In The Rain (Chinese w/ Translations)

This was a real post written by myself five years ago (December 3rd, 2012), salvaged from my old blog. This was written on the day of my last SPM paper, and my last day as a high school student at Catholic High School. This was a really meaningful piece written when I was really into... Continue Reading →


Class Wrap-up: Year 3 Semester 2

Overall this semester honestly isn't the toughest I had. There is an obvious dip in hectic-ness compared to my previous one (wrap-up discussion coming up next!), however the stress level seemed to be about the same. Overall for all my classes there is this feeling of ambiguity that is really stopping things from being smooth-sailing.¬†... Continue Reading →

Travel Commentary: Korea

I have never done any of these before (at least in English), so this will struggle a lot when it comes¬†to structure. Also, it has been two months ūüė° so my memory of the trip won't be very comprehensive and accurate. So yeah, the most recent foreign country I traveled to is Korea. South Korea... Continue Reading →

A Certain Trivial Confession

This year, I didn't finish a single book. I have three semesters worth of excuses regarding this but I am not going to bring up too many, nor am I going write about the thousand lines of regrets I never had. If anything, I am merely amazed, the emotionally neutral kind. For 15 years I... Continue Reading →

The Cat That Did Not Return

I have to get this off my head, otherwise I would be too mentally¬†incapacitated¬†to do¬†anything¬†useful. I am meant for more useful things than worrying about the cat.¬† I didn't know I am a cat person until 20th¬†December 2012 (20-12-2012, see what I did there), where I adopted two kittens straight from the rainy streets (park,... Continue Reading →

Evan; After

Actually I am not exactly sure what to feel about this, half wanted everyone to know, yet that destroys the point of myself being anonymous during the event. So I thought I would at least write down something, as proof, if someone wants to trace back. Or if just to remind myself that even I... Continue Reading →

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