A Certain Post Thesis Reflection

This piece is kinda long overdue but whatever. I have cleared almost every component required for me to graduate from my Bachelors of Psychology program, only a final paper (neuropsychology šŸ˜¦ ) stands in my way. I have finished modules ranging from neurobiology and statistics, to animal behaviour and counseling. Been in a variety of... Continue Reading →


On Reading Like a Kid

My first self-identified hobby since I was conscious is reading. Naturally I didn't really like it in the beginning, but what I realized is that I wasn't striving to reap the benefits of reading, or get its end results. I simply made a habit out of it, and non-deliberately I lost myself in the very... Continue Reading →

My High School Life in CHS

I often wonder, if I travel back in time to revisit my high school self, what would I have told myself? Ā  This day a 'throwback' heavy one. I had been rediscovering my old blogs (mostly in Chinese, on pixnet.net), digging up my old pictures, and unnaturally took a trip back to my high school.... Continue Reading →

My General Religious Orientation

In my view, religiosity and spirituality serves a purpose to unite all the knowledge in the world, an easy heuristic to attribute all known things and unknown things to a single conceptual entity in order to help us face the uncertainty of the world. In short, the ones I use for my religious/spiritual worldview are:... Continue Reading →

My Discontinuity

One of my most private revelations about myself is that there have been some gap in my own memories and experiences. I didn't go through a real amnesia of course, but there are some things about myself that I forgot to feel and derive meaning, which made me occasionally felt incomplete as a person. I... Continue Reading →

My Self (Through a Kaleidoscope)

Who am I? What do I do? What do I identify with? General I changed my handle kinda often over the Internet, but most of the time I amĀ JY in real lifeĀ orĀ AtlasĀ over the internet. Born in 1995 February and have been living in the quiet part of the busy township that is Petaling Jaya. I... Continue Reading →

My Own Roots (Through a Kaleidoscope)

So where do I come from?Ā  I am starting on My Life Through a Kaleidoscope, writings that are more retrospective and self-centered. But I haven't got any idea about how I want to do this, so I will just start with a more directionless form of writing first, then narrow down later. Let's see. I... Continue Reading →

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