High Notes #2: My Harvest From Psychology

Most of my more matured periods of life have been devoted to my life here, pursuing a Bachelor of Psychology at HELP University. This writing will focus on the more academic side of things.  My three years and four months here pursuing psychology was the most fulfilling thing that I have ever done. There are... Continue Reading →


The Subang Headquarters

This entry was not supposed to come out until days later because I don't like my chronological order of my recent experiences ruined. But I might not be able to be as grateful for this particular experience if I procrastinate on it.  So to Lii An, Chen Wei, Ruben, Joshua, Ari, Sally, and (despite not... Continue Reading →

A Fistful of Otherwises

'What would have I become, if not a psychology student?' My last post explored my ambitions in my younger days: inventor, scientist, writer. How did all that change when I started exploring tertiary education? Well first, being an inventor is not a job. No company I  know of has a position called 'inventor' which gets... Continue Reading →

My Life Before Psychology

I actually knew I would like to study psychology in university since I was in Form 2 (about 14 years old). I did have this ambition of having a career involving sitting in a comfortable office having intense conversations with people about the intricate philosophies of life and mind while helping them understand and plan... Continue Reading →

A Certain Post Thesis Reflection

This piece is kinda long overdue but whatever. I have cleared almost every component required for me to graduate from my Bachelors of Psychology program, only a final paper (neuropsychology 😦 ) stands in my way. I have finished modules ranging from neurobiology and statistics, to animal behaviour and counseling. Been in a variety of... Continue Reading →

Gratitude – A Slice of August’s Winds

Instead of my normal gratitude journaling, I am going to dedicate this to a bunch of people that I will most certainly be missing for the remainder of the year.  More than three years ago, I found myself repeating my Statistics finals. This second round had been ridiculously easy: I spent the whole term gaming... Continue Reading →

On Reading Like a Kid

My first self-identified hobby since I was conscious is reading. Naturally I didn't really like it in the beginning, but what I realized is that I wasn't striving to reap the benefits of reading, or get its end results. I simply made a habit out of it, and non-deliberately I lost myself in the very... Continue Reading →

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