Game Review – Pokémon Omega Ruby Version

I remember getting to play Pokémon Sapphire and Emerald on year 2009. I remember being overwhelmed by everything I saw, from graphical updates, better environmental details (Footprints on sand! Reflections upon the pond!), and new species and places to explore. I remember inching through every obstacle with difficulty and being forced to use walkthroughs many times.... Continue Reading →


Game Review – Pokémon X Version

This is a really late review considering that the game is released on 2013, but I only got myself a 3DS slightly more than a month ago. I have been itching to play the game for the past 4 years and was not sure what to expect given the relatively big gameplay overhaul. Finally (mostly)... Continue Reading →

Dota 2 – Why Pangolier Currently Sucks

Waited 4 whole months for the Duelling Fates update, got teased with a brand new hero styled like Puss in Boots, sleek swashbuckling with a sharp rapier, combined with a rolling crush technique. Top it off with an unique French chivalrous accent...and it's a pretty smartly dressed pangolin. Not the average Warcraft inspired hero (all... Continue Reading →

A Commentary on Dota 2 Tournaments

I think this is the right season to talk about this, with the (once again) record breaking Dota 2 The International happening as I type.  The International has always been the juggernaut of all e-Sports, always breaking records for crowdfunded prize pools and boasting some of the best games and production value. It is natural... Continue Reading →

Game Review – Megaman ZX Advent

Rediscovering Megaman again this few months was quite an emotional experience for me. I used to spend countless evenings during my high school days reading up the MMHP database and memorizing the moves and game hints. While I cannot honestly claim to have tried all of them, in my opinion Megaman ZX Advent (MMZXA) is... Continue Reading →

[Anime Review] Your Name (Kimi no Na Wa)

Its only natural that eventually I will want to review Your Name regardless of how late this has been. It has since airing shook every possible anime rankings and once again demonstrates how there are certain subtle feelings that can only be captured and evoked in anime. Its very theme is about astral projections (out-of-body... Continue Reading →

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