Brief Review of ‘Sapiens’, and Why You Should Read It

This piece was written to MY Psychology ( Thanks for being a platform for so many of my ramblings.   Yuval Noah Harari was a foreign name to me before I encountered one of the first TED Dialogues where he was hosted to have a conversation about the recent political divide. What fascinated me the... Continue Reading →


Book Review: Physics of the Future and The Future of the Mind [by Michio Kaku]

I count myself fortunate for being able to finish 'irrelevant books' while studying psychology. Earlier in the year I managed to finish Physics of the Future, and two days ago--The Future of the Mind, both by Michio Kaku (probably the single most vocal proponent of String Theory and a famed science educator). The former about the... Continue Reading →

[Book Review] The Grand Design by Stephen Hawking

Introduction There was once a time where science and gods flourish together, perhaps not in harmony, but individuals devoting themselves to either fields are held in high regard. Boundaries were set: scriptures don't talk about exact quantitative values of the physical world as we know from science, science don't delve into the existential matters of... Continue Reading →

25 Memorable Quotes From Cloud Atlas

I haven't gotten lazy, it is just that semester starts tomorrow and I gotta get this finished love affair out of my head and concluded into text.  I may dedicate some of my remaining into Paint-ing nice pictures out of them, but for now here you go: personally selected quotes from Cloud Atlas.   “She... Continue Reading →

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