[Dota 2] Top 10 Aether Lens Beneficiors

It was my birthday yesterday.  Oops, I totally forgot about this. Nothing grand happened naturally, but just to break from the regular writing tone, I will write about Dota 2 again. Here is my opinion on the top 10 best heroes to utilize Aether Lens.  Concurrently one of the most ground breaking items (Spell modifiers)... Continue Reading →

[Top 10] The Best Dota 2 Items

One of my interests about Dota 2 is the depth and the fact that there is no single way to play a particular hero, prompting me to try various builds that could be unorthordox but useful and realistic, or even come out with my own philosophies for building heroes. One interesting thing I found is... Continue Reading →

Dota 2 Hero Difficulty Tiers

Hello again, Lancelot reporting. The difficulty of Dota 2 heroes is an often touched topic in guides, commentaries and forum discussions. After years of playing and trying my best to learn the ropes of all of them, the idea to come out with a tiering system to sort heroes according to their respective levels of... Continue Reading →

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