Dota 2 – Why Pangolier Currently Sucks

Waited 4 whole months for the Duelling Fates update, got teased with a brand new hero styled like Puss in Boots, sleek swashbuckling with a sharp rapier, combined with a rolling crush technique. Top it off with an unique French chivalrous accent...and it's a pretty smartly dressed pangolin. Not the average Warcraft inspired hero (all... Continue Reading →


A Commentary on Dota 2 Tournaments

I think this is the right season to talk about this, with the (once again) record breaking Dota 2 The International happening as I type.  The International has always been the juggernaut of all e-Sports, always breaking records for crowdfunded prize pools and boasting some of the best games and production value. It is natural... Continue Reading →

Game Review – Megaman ZX Advent

Rediscovering Megaman again this few months was quite an emotional experience for me. I used to spend countless evenings during my high school days reading up the MMHP database and memorizing the moves and game hints. While I cannot honestly claim to have tried all of them, in my opinion Megaman ZX Advent (MMZXA) is... Continue Reading →

[Dota 2] Top 10 Aether Lens Beneficiors

It was my birthday yesterday.  Oops, I totally forgot about this. Nothing grand happened naturally, but just to break from the regular writing tone, I will write about Dota 2 again. Here is my opinion on the top 10 best heroes to utilize Aether Lens.  Concurrently one of the most ground breaking items (Spell modifiers)... Continue Reading →

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