‘Wad is Retreat?’

  Retreat? You dishonor family name. Retreat your statement or you retreat from family inheritance.


  "And most of all, books. They were, in and of themselves, reasons to stay alive. Every book written is the product of a human mind in a particular state. Add all the books together and you get the end sum of humanity. Every time I read a great book I felt I was reading... Continue Reading →

“That's the odd thing about depression and anxiety. It acts like an intense fear of happiness, even as you yourself consciously want that happiness more than anything. So if it catches you smiling, even fake smiling, then - well, that stuff's just not allowed and you know it, so here comes ten tons of counterbalance.”... Continue Reading →

“The key is in accepting your thoughts, all of them, even the bad ones. Accept thoughts, but don’t become them. Understand, for instance, that having a sad thought, even having a continual succession of sad thoughts, is not the same as being a sad person. You can walk through a storm and feel the wind... Continue Reading →

The only rule that ever made sense to me I learned from a history, not an economics, professor at Wharton. "Fear," he used to say, "fear is the most valuable commodity in the universe." That blew me away. "Turn on the TV," he'd say. "What are you seeing? People selling their products? No. People selling... Continue Reading →

Don't aim for perfection. Evolution, and life, only happen through mistakes. -Matt Haig, The Humans

'History permits no rules, only outcomes.' - David Mitchell, Cloud Atlas My response to the Cincinnati Zoo incident.

25 Memorable Quotes From Cloud Atlas

I haven't gotten lazy, it is just that semester starts tomorrow and I gotta get this finished love affair out of my head and concluded into text.  I may dedicate some of my remaining into Paint-ing nice pictures out of them, but for now here you go: personally selected quotes from Cloud Atlas.   “She... Continue Reading →

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