J a p a n

While I generally prefer to write opinionated material while it's hot and fresh on my memories, I am not afraid of letting the emotions from my Japan tourism experience chill down before writing about it. Only downside is I won't be able to articulate these experiences in a more chronological manner.  Naturally my own experiences... Continue Reading →


Dissecting My Interests in Psychology

Dropped my undergraduate thesis at the submission box six days ago. I thought perhaps it's time to let my mind off this psychology thing for a week or so and just laze about, game, catch up with some anime. Yet, all I can be aware of was all the doors my three years in psychology... Continue Reading →

A Commentary on Dota 2 Tournaments

I think this is the right season to talk about this, with the (once again) record breaking Dota 2 The International happening as I type.  The International has always been the juggernaut of all e-Sports, always breaking records for crowdfunded prize pools and boasting some of the best games and production value. It is natural... Continue Reading →

On Reading Like a Kid

My first self-identified hobby since I was conscious is reading. Naturally I didn't really like it in the beginning, but what I realized is that I wasn't striving to reap the benefits of reading, or get its end results. I simply made a habit out of it, and non-deliberately I lost myself in the very... Continue Reading →

My High School Life in CHS

I often wonder, if I travel back in time to revisit my high school self, what would I have told myself?   This day a 'throwback' heavy one. I had been rediscovering my old blogs (mostly in Chinese, on pixnet.net), digging up my old pictures, and unnaturally took a trip back to my high school.... Continue Reading →

My General Religious Orientation

In my view, religiosity and spirituality serves a purpose to unite all the knowledge in the world, an easy heuristic to attribute all known things and unknown things to a single conceptual entity in order to help us face the uncertainty of the world. In short, the ones I use for my religious/spiritual worldview are:... Continue Reading →

The Plunge 

Haven't published in a long while, for good reason.  Semester began again (what a surprise), with me newly setting foot on to Year 3 life.  A plunge into a world of unfamiliarity. Suddenly I have like one thousand commitments, and this time I really want to believe that with more responsibility comes stronger discipline and... Continue Reading →

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