Brief Review of ‘Sapiens’, and Why You Should Read It

This piece was written to MY Psychology ( Thanks for being a platform for so many of my ramblings.   Yuval Noah Harari was a foreign name to me before I encountered one of the first TED Dialogues where he was hosted to have a conversation about the recent political divide. What fascinated me the... Continue Reading →


Good Luck with ‘Finding Yourself’

Acknowledgements: This piece of writing was inspired by Scibabe's article which I linked below. Bear in mind that I harbor no ill will towards self-help writers and life coaches, but the notion of 'finding one's self' or awakening it as if it's a compulsory temporary process bothers me. The bottom line is that the self-actualization we are... Continue Reading →

The First Steps into Psychology

Throughout the past seven or so months, I have done quite a bit of writing on psychology for the level Zero series in Project PsychSeeing. But they are actually meant to help individuals decide whether committing themselves to psychology is the choice they want, along with my personal philosophical ramblings that simply do not belong... Continue Reading →

Defining Science

Foreword I was initially on a more apologetic position when it comes to the topic of "Is Psychology A Science", but after some time spent rolling in the realms of research methods and epistemology, my stance has made more steps forward. For this piece I will be writing about defining science in the context of... Continue Reading →

Just Be Friends?

Harry meets Sally. Harry and Sally both have commitments to someone else. Sally thinks that Harry and Sally can just be friends. Harry thinks Harry and Sally cannot be just friends.   This is a rough excerpt of the film "When Harry Met Sally..." which was produced way back in 1989, where the main theme... Continue Reading →

Psychiatry or Psychology?

Chances are this article should be useless to a psychology student as most courses, even at a pre-university level, would keep note of the differences at your very first lecture. By now you should be bored and weary of seeing "psychiatry is not psychology" articles: this is dedicated for those who might be still sitting... Continue Reading →

The Psychology Taxonomy: Applied Psychology

Here is it, the final part of the taxonomy which will introduce the applied aspects of psychology, otherwise known as professional psychology. These fields are born because of growing demand for psychology professionals in the workplace instead of pure interest or academic inclinations of graduates. All of them are taught at postgraduate level.    Experimental and Research Psychology Much... Continue Reading →

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