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Hello guests, you seem to have found your way to experience A Certain Astral Project;ion, which is set up for the public, friends, and myself to know me better. On other occasions, I share content about psychology and other things to give back to the Internet.

I believe that in life no experiences are wasted as long as one is present and mindful of them: the passage of time, the state of mind, the content of mind, and things leading into that moment. Every moment recorded and reflected upon is forever owned by one, and never decays into the void.  

This is mainly my personal blog, which will be about my life experiences as a psychology student in Malaysia. I will share things ranging from:

-my personal journal where I share my stories about university life as a psychology student

-psychology and related writings

-short quotations and humor 

-TED talks

-gratitude journal entries 

-book reviews 

-bits of gaming and technology (with probably a lot of Dota 2)

-opinions related to atheism, humanism, secularism 

-leisure interests ranging from anime, manga to music

I am Atlas JY, Malaysian psychology student with a wide range of interests, mostly chopped up and disconnected: reading, gaming, writing, mange/anime, music, secularism/atheism/humanism, psychology, scientific literacy, school/university life etc.

A Certain Astral Project:ion serves to tie them up as part of my own self-discovery process through the habit of writing, while also serving as a platform to publish and polish my thoughts, unmasked.  I also run a synced Tumblr intended to be a parallel of sorts to this, but will no longer be actively updated.

I also write Dota 2 and other gaming related opinion pieces and guides, but I am no longer very heavily invested in it.

Here is a guide to the way I categorize my posts.

Personal Journal

Psych’s Student Chronicle

Main bulk of this blog. My own experiences in university and beyond. I reflect on my progress as a student and a growing person finding my way through life by keeping track of things and penning them down into words.

My Life Through a Kaleidoscope

I imagine if I ever going to have an autobiography, most of the content could come from here. My past and the things that shaped me, present state along with my virtues and faults, and my aspirations of the future.

Life Memorabilia

Some moments stand out from the others. For me to remember that I have been more than just my usual boring self, even if at least once.


Yeah. I am starting to keep a gratitude journal, and I have no problem making it public.

Writings and Sharings


My opinion pieces directly related to psychology, with an objective to popularize psychology and help others see its relevance to everyday human life.


Here I share and create content about atheism, humanism and secularism. Feel free to drop any civilized questions for me to address however you choose to.

Other Writings

Other works that don’t fit in anywhere else, which I would still like to share regardless.

TED Recommendations

There any many good talks and videos out there on the Internet, but TED provides a huge bulk of them. I choose my favorites to be shared here.

Scrapbook of Sidetracks

Book Reviews

I make reading a habit. Here I write reviews on the books I finished, ranging from psychology, popular science, and Chinese fiction, to works like Cloud Atlas. Feel free to follow me on Goodreads too!


Not a major feature of this blog, but sometimes I can’t resist sharing a good tune while browsing the Internet.

Game and Tech

Writings about games and technology. Disclaimer: I am not a hardcore gamer or techie! I just like sharing my experiences with games and tech I own, used to own, and look forward to. I also share interesting Internet sites that few thought existed from /r/InternetIsBeautiful.

Anime and Manga

Surprise surprise, I occasionally read manga and watch anime! Not really a full otaku, but I can relate somewhat.



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