My Discontinuity

One of my most private revelations about myself is that there have been some gap in my own memories and experiences. I didn't go through a real amnesia of course, but there are some things about myself that I forgot to feel and derive meaning, which made me occasionally felt incomplete as a person. I... Continue Reading →

Gratitude – April 2017

1. Fried chicken Especially the good ones. Admittedly it could have been the ridiculous flux of ads from various fast food chains, ranging from the nicely spiced KFC ones, fresh and tender McDonald's ones, and the satisfying af Texas ones. Sometimes I get pleasantly surprised with good mamak fried chicken too. It was never regular food... Continue Reading →

Class Wrap-up: Year 3 Semester 2

Overall this semester honestly isn't the toughest I had. There is an obvious dip in hectic-ness compared to my previous one (wrap-up discussion coming up next!), however the stress level seemed to be about the same. Overall for all my classes there is this feeling of ambiguity that is really stopping things from being smooth-sailing. ... Continue Reading →

Gratitude – March 2017

This is my first shot at gratitude journaling. I intend to make one of these at the end of every month.  This is one harsh March, where the spotlight shines the rough and the ugly. Things worth harvesting are scarce in the winter, but yet if I don't learn to harvest the cold will never... Continue Reading →

Blog Changes

I am at the most stressful phase of my semester right now, kinda at a loss on how to do anything at all. Anyway, I took a look at the blog's layout and I am like: omai, this needs some major revamp. So at the moment I am drafting a better map of my posts's... Continue Reading →


​Losses and gains; crime and kindness; happiness and sadness; likes and dislikes. Human relations that interweave and make up the complicated society we know are just cumulations of these polarities. I was trapped within these nets, and as I struggled I lost some things that made up my core. I was much too willing to... Continue Reading →

I Just Want to Alert the Press

....that I have somehow finished an assignment three weeks ahead of the due date and I feel like a better human being 🙂 Took me three years of higher education to achieve this resolution. I can't wait to enter the workplace.  Ironically the paper is about the workplace.  Also, featured is a picture of my... Continue Reading →

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